Who is Obsidian Group, Inc.?

Obsidian Group, Inc (OGI) is a small privately held firm specializing in the design and implementation of the utility based geographic information system(GIS). OGI was founded to provide a cost effective, high quality answer to the tasks of researching, onsite gathering, and integrating large amounts of utility related information into a state of the art GIS. The Obsidian Group provides accurate data in a form that can be easily utilized by a number of GIS related software products.

OGI has developed core processes, which have been validated and improved through the field experience of its founders, in the fields of Project Management, Civil Engineering and Geographic Information Systems. Our resident experience in records research and field verification of utility data, field location of utility features, and collection of data in the field, coupled with our access to the latest technology in GIS, prepares us to aggressively approach utility projects regardless of size or complexity.